Cut and Shut pots

I have still been working on my ‘cut and shut’ pieces. I have finally cast a small milk bottle and coke bottle, I have been using sections of the cast forms pushed into thrown parts, sometimes the cast pieces are fired first. I have also begun looking at different clays as a contrast to the white earthenware of the cast forms. The terracotta is much less forgiving and tends to crack more something which gives the final piece more tension.

Several of the thrown sections have been slumped over a plastic bottle and pulled off, resulting in some tearing and an echo of the original form. With some of the pieces I am combining the thrown with original plastic sections, some of the plastic I am going to spray paint gold. I have been playing with notions of value in terms of material and art form, I would like to take this idea further and look at ways in which the whole pieces can be cast in other materials such as resin.


I have made a pot I like!

I have really enjoyed making this piece (apart from banging my head several times on the light!). I am starting to loosen up and not fiddle too much which has resulted in a much more vigorous form. The handle hasn’t quite worked, I wanted it to be a pulled handle but the result was too narrow, I need bigger hands! I also found a rhythm with the decorating which I think compliments the form. I have no idea how it will turn out as I didn’t test the colours first but if I had I would’ve lost the energy of working in the moment. I have now made a test tile of the colours so fingers crossed they turn out OK.