New chapter new opportunities

Well finishing my MA feels a little like falling off the edge of a cliff, gone are the support systems that are part of being a student and out into the real world with a thump but hey I like freefalling…a little.

So what happens next? My main focus for the next few months is working on promoting myself and finding where my work fits. I am also working on a commission for a great couple who live in Cornwall, as this is my first large-scale commission I thought it would be great to blog about the whole process.

The story so far…

I met my clients at The Contemporary Craft Festival, Bovey Tracey last June, they were chatting to one of my students about commissioning a large-scale garden sculpture and particularly wanted to work with a new artist. Knowing that I had been working on large-scale pieces for my MA the student pointed them in my direction. Fantastic, you never know what opportunities can come out of these events.

So next I arranged to meet the couple at their house, to go through their ideas and generally have a good nosey around the house and garden. Not just because I like looking around other people’s houses (which I do) but you can get a real feel for what people like by looking at their personal surroundings and start to make connections to do with colour, texture and style.

I have just got back from my second meeting about the sculpture where we went through my designs and picked out the ones with the most promise. Being a 3D artist I do most of my workings out in clay so the next step is to start making maquettes of the chosen designs as this will give a better impression of what the final piece will look like. I feel incredibly lucky to be working with such an open couple who quickly make decisions about what they like and don’t like, giving me clear direction but also allowing me to be creative within the brief. What more can an artist asks for and fantastic for me to have a project to sink my teeth into having just completed my MA