New work and glaze experiments

I have started on the large-scale pancheons this week, I am beginning to really enjoy using the porcelain and terracotta slip, although I nearly lost one piece today due to my over enthusiasm! I am still experimenting with different glaze finishes, the latest images are a series of tests using a high percentage of stain in both matt and shiny earthenware glazes.

There is also a couple of images of the last balluster jugs the smaller one has holes ready for its handle, getting the handles right has been a real challenge and I wont know if it has worked until they are fired. Alongside the pancheons I have been working on more cut and shut pieces, the image is a maquette of a cup and saucer with a plastic rim and plastic bottle top handle, this idea needs a lot of work but if a get the join right between the components it could be really interesting.

I also couldn’t resist putting in a couple of images of my studio and the view!



So I have started playing about with how to make a costrel (a type of 16th century hip flask). This is my very first experiment, I haven’t finished decorating it (one of the problems of working in two places is I keep leaving things in the other studio) and there is a lot I would change but I like the idea. I have used a cast drinks bottle for the neck, a plate mould for the body, and the foot is a thrown inverted plastic beer cup. I like using different making methods, throwing, casting and press moulding and I also enjoy the visual pun that the different forms provide.

I have also included some slightly better photos of the latest jug.