Ceramic Art London 26.02.2011

I had a really enjoyable and inspiring day at Ceramic Art London. I had a very interesting chat with Lisa Hammond’s apprentice Darren who discussed the possibility of getting involved with kiln building and wood firing, an exciting possibility. I would also like to attend one of the master classes this summer with Rizu Takahashi, this class coincides with an exhibition of Yunomi’s and teapots.

I also spoke to Dylan Bowen about his work. He talked about how he creates spontaneity, a fresh organic look by throwing his pieces into a mould. He said that if he tried to make those marks himself it would look contrived rather than organic and talked about how you know when it looks right. He like me struggled to put into words what he meant but I understood exactly what he was trying to describe because it is what I have been trying to do myself. It was really uplifting to speak to someone who was on my wavelength.

I also got to catch up with Lowri Davies who I studied at Cardiff with and I was really taken with the work of Antje Ernestus.  

These images are of Chris Taylor’s work and the glass studio.


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