Some images of the work I have been doing. The tall pieces were first then the plates, the overlayed thrown discs, individual discs then the teabowls.

The overlayed thrown discs are in a curved former which is maquette size and if the piece works I would plan to make it on a  much larger scale. I have placed the pieces of ceramic which are going to be shaped and attached as handles at the sides, these will be attached with wire. I then moved on to testing porcelain discs and porcelain on crank. I started looking at clay properties as this was something that came up in my research at SWARCH. I was interested in the idea that it was the clay fabric which helped date a piece and also in the East/West refined porcelain/crude robust pottery idea. Eventually I would like to produce an installation based on all these ideas but for this project I am going to concentrate on making teabowls.

My next step is to start throwing with black chunky clay with a thin layer of porcelain thrown on the inside. I also have some sodium silicate to try out (apparently it can produce a cracked effect on the outside of a pot when thrown from the inside). I have begun to look into where I might source mica (this is proving very difficult) and quartz which is more like a coarse sand than in powder form. I have had some success with the quartz as I believe you can buy builders white silica sand which sounds similar to what I am looking for. I would also like to test using crushed shell as an addition. I then want to produce a more refined looking white teabowl with a blue glaze on the inside to echo the colours in the fragments. Finally I have been looking at the illustrations of pottery in various archaeology books and would like to incorporate them; perhaps by producing my own illustrations of the piece I have made which could then be applied using a lithography technique I have used before.


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