Neil Brownsword

‘His delicate and poetic amalgams, further fused, warped and mutated by their resubmissions to the kiln, have a strong sense of regeneration.’ Quote taken from the above site.

The idea of regeneration or giving a piece a new history is starting to come through in the work I am making. It is certainly something I am considering more, I am now approaching each piece in a different way (thanks to a very useful tutorial with Dan Allen). I want to tease out their history, understand who would have bought and used them before deciding on what new form they should be a part of. Therefore I will be looking to produce more ‘one off’ sculptures than repetition throwing which is what I am more accustomed to.

The first image is of a large platter with a blue and white fragment, I was purely looking at how a small fragment would look on a larger stage having previously made very small vessels for them to be displayed in.

Image 2 and 3: I thought I would start the process of finding a form to fit the fragment with this piece of cider jar which I found in my own back garden. I kept it really simple with this piece and chose to make it into a large version of itself. The base I need to re-make as it doesn’t quite work with the actual jar. I would love to wood fire this piece but I may have to look into ash glazes as an alternative.


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