I have been really struggling with how to make the going from one form to another work. I started off by replicating a cup and saucer based on measurements taken from a fragment of each, I then started to think how I could get from the shape of a saucer to a cup, after a few a sketches I created a tall cylinder which I intended to push the saucer shape into (the diameter of the bottom of the cylinder matched the saucer. This however didn’t work so I decided to push a plate (junk shop find) through the cylinder. I then added more cylinders to the first with slight curves in to give the sense of something growing and organic. I have started to push fragments of another plate into the cylinder and intend on adding some metal fragments to the top. The top will have to be attached later as the piece is too big for the kiln.

I am unsure what this piece of works’ story is as it kind of evolved form a different idea. I feel like I have lost my way a little and I should re-read my original essay to remind myself what my original intentions were.

The first image is a piece by Ingo Maurer  it is fantastic (thanks Aimee) and not too dissimilar to another idea I had which was to start with a cake stand structure with an intact plate at the bottom which slowly changes into an intact cup at the top, the change would take place by fragmenting another plate and slowly adding cup fragments until it becomes a cup. Ingo’s piece really shows you how beautiful pieces of broken pottery can be, which I guess is one of my intentions.

The two other images are work by Thomas Heatherwick, looking at this work has made me re-think my ideas about scale!


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