Confessions of a design geek

I was totally amazed to have been shortlisted for the confessions of a design geek bursary, I think I even did a little dance around my house in my pyjamas (it was quite late when it was announced). Now its over to you to vote

In other news I have been flocking, oh yes and it is too much fun. I wanted a way of finishing the bottom of my pots so they wouldn’t scratch anyone’s furniture and this fits in with my use of other materials and bright colours. I just love it, I am slightly tempted to flock everything in my house but that might be taking it a bit far.

Here are some flocked bottoms

and some new work which is available to buy at Heal’s London and 45 Southside Plymouth


2 thoughts on “Confessions of a design geek

  1. Well done Taz! Wishing you lots of luck in the competition! You deserve it, I love your work. April x

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