London Craft Week

I am really looking forward to being part of Design Nation’s Marks & Tools exhibition as part of London Craft Week not only because of the stellar line up but also because it has given me a chance to show some of my more expressive work. Platters make a great canvas and I have enjoyed the freedom to make marks with brushes and bottles of glaze.

The finished work will be on display at the Gallery@Oxo from the 4th-7th May

Beautiful Balusters

So whilst I am recuperating from another op I thought I would write a post about Baluster Jugs. I first came across these beautiful forms whilst I was studying for my MA. There are some fabulous examples in many museums including the Museum of London and the V&A. I was really drawn to the tulip necked type which has been the main inspiration for my baluster jug forms.

The baluster is probably one of the hardest forms that I throw, mainly because of its height, narrowness and curves. One day I will confident in my abilities to make these forms, currently it feels like a bit of a battle. These are some of the stages of making:

I learnt to throw this particular shape from watching the brilliant Doug Fitch who like most potters is very generous with advice and information.

Traditionally these jugs would have been used for carrying wine or ale and I believe there may have been a connection between the shape and the way they were transported in cargo ships. I like mine to be used as vases or just as a beautiful quirky object to brighten up your home.

Some of my recent work

New Designers was AMAZING

I had a fantastic time at New Designers, meeting new customers and getting to know the fabulous designers in the One Year On section. It is a great social experience for us makers after slaving away on our own in our studios. I was also delighted and a little overwhelmed to have been chosen for the New Designers One Year On award.

New Designers One Year On

I am really excited to be exhibiting at New Designers again. I has been a long hard slog in the run up to the show not least because of recovering from appendicitis but also because I have come up against nearly every technical challenge ceramics can throw at you. Still with a ridiculous amount of stubbornness and a great deal of support from friends and family I am getting there. I may not be awake enough to speak to anybody next week but I think the work looks good. Phew.

Sweet enough

These have just been finished and I love them, great for sugar or salt and pepper, well anything you like really. I can’t wait to make some more (mainly cause I want them for my kitchen too). I will be adding these and my new Drainpipe vases to my Not on The Highstreet store soon.

Meanwhile check out my other products here:

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Coke bottle bowls

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Drainpipe vases

Drainpipe vases