Sweet enough

These have just been finished and I love them, great for sugar or salt and pepper, well anything you like really. I can’t wait to make some more (mainly cause I want them for my kitchen too). I will be adding these and my new Drainpipe vases to my Not on The Highstreet store soon.

Meanwhile check out my other products here: http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/tazpollardceramics

Coke bottle bowls

Coke bottle bowls

cast bowls 3 copy cast bowls copy

Drainpipe vases

Drainpipe vases


2 thoughts on “Sweet enough

  1. Do you sell anywhere other than Notonthehighstreet – I won’t buy from there while they continue to support the sale of animal fur but I do love your neon ceramics

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