London Craft Week

I am really looking forward to being part of Design Nation’s Marks & Tools exhibition as part of London Craft Week not only because of the stellar line up but also because it has given me a chance to show some of my more expressive work. Platters make a great canvas and I have enjoyed the freedom to make marks with brushes and bottles of glaze.

The finished work will be on display at the Gallery@Oxo from the 4th-7th May


Well I think I have just about recovered. What an amazing few days with Katie (coadg), Fanny, Annabel, Nancy and of course Keith, all fabulously talented and lovely too.

Some pics of us getting ready and packing down. I also took a few of the inside of Earls Court not just because it will be demolished soon but I love all the industrial pipes and framework.

I am so pleased with the amount of interest my work got and I am really excited to see what happens over the next few weeks, I will keep you posted. Not only did I get a great response to my work but I have learnt so much from the experience. I feel much better prepared to do this kind of show in the future and so many people were generous with their advice and help, from taking style shots to pricing and stand design.

Here are some of Yeshen Venema’s photographs of the show. Yeshen is a product photographer for designer/makers check him out @